Conduct effective sales conversations with appreciation to attract your perfect clients.


Selling can be very challenging. Many feel an inner resistance, not only to the selling conversation itself, but pushing through your own resistance which takes away a lot of your energy.


For a long time, it has been recommended to apply pressure in selling conversations, creating artificial urgency to bring about quick, positive decisions.

Surely you have experienced - being a customer yourself - how unpleasant it feels when people create a feeling of scarcity or fear. These sales techniques have had their day.


Now, people rather want to be informed and coached by you in an appreciative manner. You are their guide through their process of purchase. When you are conscious about your values, you will lead sales conversations accordingly and people will feel your special vibe.

Fortunately, everyone brings an individual talent or knack to the sales process. The more you apply these consciously, the easier it will be for you to make sales calls and sell.



It's about putting people first.

In this innovative sales training, you develop your own approach and in 5 modules will learn how to:

  • make more sales calls with more ease
  • identify potential customers faster
  • close more deals with the right customers
  • sell with pleasure
  • fostering your long-term customers like friends
  • follow your heart and curiosity

 You will also learn communication tools and the 4 phases of selling with appreciation.


Meike and Katja have opened the door to a sales world that is not only "from the heart", but also provides a structured and reflected approach to lasting networking with potential customers. This has taken us as a team extremely forward and taken our understanding of sales to a completely different level. Thanks to both of you! You are authentically living "from the heart".
Andreas Seitz, CEO

Be in touch GmbH

"Selling from the Heart", the product of the two great business ladies, Meike Nittel and Katja Rossel, brought a quantum leap into my business. Authentic and with great passion, both show that selling can be really fun. I didn't get to know ONE sales process, but MINE. And by that I became irresistibly successful.
Ilona Clemens, astrologer

Dear Selling-from-the-Heart-Coaches, thank you very much for your support to my entrepreneurial development!
The knowledge and experience gained from the course are unique and of the highest practical value.
I can highly recommend the course for anyone who wants to grow their business successfully, sustainably and with fun.
Marina Diané, business health


For Companies

Great sales results are accomplished when team members know and enjoy each other’s strengths in selling. When people are in their right function, the team is easily attuned, in harmony and more effective.

On your team, who is in charge of selling? Who is a good opener for sales opportunities? Is your team focusing on sales?
By bringing individual talents to the surface, team members can better appreciate and rely on each other. This enhances team spirit.

This appreciative attitude also allows sales people to recognize clients’ diverse wishes and needs more easily.
In a customized 5-module sales training, your team will learn and experience:

  • how to sell with appreciation
  • the 4 phases of the sales process
  • each other‘s individual sales talents
  • how to make and build new connections tailored to their style and personality
  • how to develop a trusting relationship and find out what the customer wants
  • how to meet the customer's concerns and to make a deal mutually enjoyable  

The in-house or interactive online seminars in small groups are tailored to your needs.

For Solopreneurs

Do you enjoy selling? Or do you tend to put off sales activities and conversations?


Many are not aware that selling is a communication process. You can master communication tools to lead effective sales conversations from your heart by applying the tools of Appreciative Communication.


Through Selling from the Heart, you enhance your joy to sell.

In our 5-module sales training in small groups or with individual one-on-one coaching, you will learn and experience:

  • the 4 phases of the sales process
  • your individual sales talent
  • how to make and build new connections
  • how to develop a trusting relationship and find out what the customer wants
  • how you can best shape the key-moment "sales question"
  • how to meet the customer's concerns and to make a deal mutually enjoyable

For Sales Professionals

Selling is the engine of the economy. For the company, your deals are like oxygen for the human organism - without it, nothing works.

As a sales professional, you have had many conversations with people and often know intuitively what is needed or wanted.

However, sometimes - stuck in a routine - your joy and enthusiasm for selling diminishes, so that it gets more strenuous for you to inspire and get commitments.

Business is currently undergoing a special development.

Adding the tools of Appreciative Communication to your "toolbox", you will refine your communication skills. Your ability to read people will be "fine-tuned".

You will experience an in-depth, customized training on selling from the heart tools and recharge your batteries.


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Mir geht es darum, dass Menschen gutes Geld verdienen mit einer Arbeit, die sie erfüllt und Spaß macht.


I love to see people thrive financially with business projects they very much enjoy. My services are dedicated to support that.


Katja Rossel
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M.A. Philosophie


Mein Anliegen ist, dass die Menschen mit voller Kraft da sind, klar sind. Dann sind Innovation + magische Lösungen möglich.


My purpose is that people access their full vital power, being high energy. Then innovation and magic can emerge.


Meike Nittel

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